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Road construction Warner Creek

I am sure you noticed the work going on in our cul-de-sacs this week. Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) is replacing all the pavement in our cul-de-sacs only. One of our board members spoke with the project manager, and he stated work in Warner Creek began yesterday when our contractor removed the existing asphalt on the 9 cul-de-sacs as well as the connector leg of Hatfield Dr to Harwood Subdivision. The schedule for the placement of the new asphalt has been moved to later this week due to weather delays impacting contractor scheduling. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to their mainline (734) 761-1500

Since the roads in Warner Creek Subdivision are local roads, WCRC does not have project pages for the work being done. Their contractor passes out flyers to all impacted homes ahead of the work being done to let them know they will be in the area resurfacing.

For larger projects, there is a schedule, which can be reached via these links.

Weekly Road Schedule:

Project Map:

Hope this helps!

Warner Creek Board

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