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September 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 7,2022 minutes

Attendees: Bob, John, Stacey S., Liz, Stacey Page, [Eric, Anh]

Not an official meeting. Do not meet quorum, but wanted to meet for the resident who was told that we would be meeting tonight. The resident did not join the meeting.

** Eric & Anh joined. We’re now at quorum.

Approval of meeting minutes:

  • John has a correction for the minutes. James Blackburn has been responsive and does want to continue to be on the ABR.

  • Move to approve august meeting minutes. John 2nds. Everyone voted to approve the meeting minutes from aug.

ABR updates:

  • Winding down on construction projects b/c of season change.

  • Would like to get some info for pre-approved trash can concealment for when those requests come.

  • July 10 was the last submission for approval.

Welcome Committee:

  • A couple new people, will get packets delivered.

  • Courtney wants to join committee.

  • Liz wants to look at survey results to see who else wanted to join.

Activities Committee:

Last food truck event tomorrow 9/7 (email has gone out)

Upcoming events: 10/23 Fall Festival; 12/11 Cocoa + Cookie Party with Santa Parade

New committee member arranged for picnic tables to be moved into a more accessible area along sidewalk > not just for events but for patrons of the park as well; so far I've seen a lot more people using them as I've driven/walked by!

Our committee currently has 5 members, including myself. 4 non-board members in the neighborhood have stepped up and been extremely helpful in ideating and executing these events. It's a really awesome group of neighbors, and I'm so appreciative of their help.

Next meeting (later this month) will be focused on the execution of our 2 upcoming events. After survey results come back, we will begin planning for 2023.


  • All delinquent residents have paid. There is one payment left for the most recent person on their payment plan.

  • Even the person who was 10+ years in debt has paid in full.

Resident request:

  • The resident who requested to join tonight’s meeting had asked for a 6 month budget/actual report to be posted and available for residents to view in the portal.

    • Resident did not join the meeting.

  • Could also do the monthly expense reports for residents to see.

  • Bob makes the motion to approve these 2 things and make them available for residents.

    • Residents will receive an email from compass when this document is available in the portal to view.


Sign policy: take a look at the proposed/draft of the sign policy and add your comments/suggestions.

Next policy we will tackle will most likely be the social media / communication policy.

See the list of policies on our agenda: Resolution for Future HOA Policies

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