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Wait...It's November already?!


We have received well over 100 surveys! Thanks very much to all who took the time to respond. Again, we apologize for those of you receiving empty envelopes. We have taken steps to make sure that doesn't happen again

Currently, we are in the process of reading/analyzing your input. Since we extended the deadline to Nov. 4th, we will be discussing this in the December board meeting. We plan to send out an analysis of all the surveys and will make the raw surveys available so that you can read them.

Special swing in the park

We are working with Compass to get a special swing installed soon to make our park accessible for all.

Management Company

It has been a year since we formally transitioned to Compass as our management company. In that time, we have had a park update, repaired the sign, and had two annual meetings (one of which did not meet quorum). In our November meeting, I heard from our board members about their viewpoint regarding the management company. We decided to continue for now, but will re-evaluate in February 2023. As part of the evaluation, we want to ensure that Compass responds promptly to your question/problem. Please let us know if they do not respond within a reasonable time.


We are making one last tweak to the sign and trash policy. These policies will not be materially changed from what was mailed to you. Other than that, we are not working on any policies at this time.

Cocoa + Cookie Party

We will have cookies, hot chocolate, Santa, and a Santa Parade in the park 12/4! Bring your kids down for a picture with Santa and to participate in the parade. This is one of the few times we might hope for snow!


Make sure you check the website periodically, as it is updated regularly. That includes FAQs, all of our policies, meeting minutes, bylaws, and activities.

(Note from Chris: The date this post was published was in November, but shows as December 7th as this post had to be re-created due to a formatting issue)

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