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6/1/2022 Meeting Minutes:Attendance: Chris, Bob, Anh, Colleen, John, EricCommittees UpdatesTre

6/1/2022 Meeting Minutes:

Attendance: Chris, Bob, Anh, Colleen, John, Eric

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

    • Colleen may be absent at the annual meeting

    • Anh volunteers to give the report if Colleen isn’t present

  • ABR – John

    • ABR has been approving applications

    • Due to how the application process is managed by Compass, not all members of the ABR are able to cast a vote on any individual application

      • John requested Compass to set up the application to give a 72 hour grace period so that all ABR members can vote and comment.

  • Welcome -- Liz (not present, no discussion)

  • Activities -- Liz (not present, no discussion)

  • Parks (Bob)

    • Local Park - Inspection complete. Schedule for adding mulch?

    • Bridge committee– Reschedule June 12th 3pm

    • Entrance sign fixed (I also fixed day/night sensor)

    • South Park weed treatments scheduled

  • Website update – Chris

    • Took ownership of blog section, posting monthly updates, meeting minutes

Old Business

  • Annual meeting June 13th

    • Who is running for the board?

    • Zoom will be run by Chris

    • Due to red COVID level (per CDC), we may not be allowed to do the meeting at the Pittsfield Town Hall

      • Backup plan is to do the park

  • Follow up – property that has heavily overgrown and unkempt foliage

    • Bob reached out and the homeowner removed weeds by the sidewalk. Yard is still overgrown - Bob will reach back out.

  • Code of Ethics 2.0

    • Anyone want to draft a new one?

      • John volunteers, Colleen does as well

        • (Colleen wrote the initial one)

      • Discussion of policy vs. ethics

        • Ethics - behavior

        • Policy - actions

New Business

  • Meeting frequency – propose every other month after Annual meeting

    • May have new board members

    • Meet in person at least twice a year

    • Unanimously passes

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