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March 2023 Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Bob, John, Eric, Megan, Chris, Stacey (Compass)

  • Bob motions to set annual fees to $250 for this year

    • Costs have risen beyond last year, rapid inflation

    • Eric seconds

    • John suggests raising it an additional $25

    • Eric is concerned about the annual meeting not reaching quorum, with the absence of the discount

    • Chris wants to see if we can afford the $25 discount in light of the new Compass contract

    • Vote:

      • For: Bob, John, Eric, Megan

      • Opposed: Chris

    • Motion is approved

    • May 1st will be due date

  • Annual Meeting tentatively May 4th

    • (3/16 Post-meeting note - Pittsfield Charter Township was unavailable on 5/4. The annual meeting is now planned to be held on 5/17).

    • Bob: Road construction presentation, asking if someone can research construction projects over the next year

      • John: Chris ask clerk’s office showing presentation on construction

      • Eric will reach out to Washtenaw Road Commission

    • Mention trash-can concealment policy

    • Research proposal for concrete sound barrier along Michigan Ave

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

  • ABR – John

    • Stacey mentions that homeowner is requesting fence due to safety issue, proposes that this is a board issue and not ABR

  • Welcome -- Megan

    • New resident, flyers, welcome packages

  • Activities -- Megan

    • More updates closer to all of the events

  • Parks (Bob)

    • Bob helped move branches that fell

    • Kids stood on toddler swings, broke, Compass took care of fix request

Approval of previous meeting minutes

  • Bob motions, John seconds, voted for unanimously

Meeting adjourned by board

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