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May Meeting Minutes

  • Attendance: John, Bob, Liz, Chris, Eric, Stacey Sherrille (from Compass)

  • Prior minutes approved

  • Discussion proposed by Eric regarding a property that has heavily overgrown and unkempt foliage

    • Eric proposes getting Compass involved

    • Chris & Bob propose a less formal discussion w/homeowner that doesn’t involve lawyers or Compass

    • Bob proposes motioning this item as it was not on the agenda

  • No welcome committee update

  • Activities committee:

    • At Easter Egg hunt, several parents proposed a celebration once school is out

  • Parks committee:

    • Inspection was conducted, several items of concern

      • Playground mulch/gravel depth incorrect

        • For example no fall protection under swing area

      • Wooden playstructure needs to be sanded, sealed with non toxic item

    • One company quote was $13,700 to bring park fully up to code

    • John mentions that fabric on backstop(s) needs to be replaced

      • Bob mentions this may have been fixed, a board member will go out and evaluate

    • More bids will come in for the park repairs; $6500 was initially budgeted

  • Bridge committee rescheduled for 5/15 3 PM [Note from Chris: After this meeting, this date was rescheduled to 6/12 at 3pm. For the sake of accurate meeting minutes, the original date proposed during this meeting is above]

    • Bob will send this email out as the secretary email is being marked as spam

    • Chris will open a support ticket with Google

  • Entrance sign progress moving, Compass was told that the light would be repaired today

  • Bob sets motion to set dues to $225/year

    • Looking for any positive news to give homeowners

    • No selective discount per our lawyer, just $225 ($25 less than current dues)

      • (effectively making the $25 meeting discount permanent moving forward)

    • We will discuss further with Colleen to ensure that this does not put us in a financial bind

  • Chris will take ownership of the website, [Liz will help as needed].

Discussion regarding next meeting

  • John will schedule meeting at Pittsfield

  • Annual meeting:

    • Voting will be in person by direct homeowner or proxy only

    • Zoom will count for attendance, but no voting component. Zoom users will have to find a proxy ahead of time.

    • Letters must be sent out by May 8th to comply with 30 day notice

  • Next meeting proposed to be hybrid in person & Zoom

    • John and Eric will likely be remote

  • Code of Ethics 2.0

    • Ideas proposed by John were to ensure language that required board members to be fully compliant and exemplary with regards to the bylaws

    • Chris proposed amending line 5 for conflicts of interest to require board members to recuse themselves from such conflict

    • John proposed new language to mandate board members to clarify that they are speaking for themselves whilst on social media

    • Code of Ethics 2.0 will be taken to email

  • Fencing policy:

    • Attorney hasn’t approved any language

    • Postponing until after annual meeting

Fencing, trash, landscaping policy to be coded into language

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