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June 22nd Meeting Minutes (First new board meeting)

Attendance: Chris, Bob, Megan, Anh, Colleen, Liz, John, Eric

  • Introductions

  • Bob moves to accept current board positions as they were elected in September

  • Bob - President

  • Anh - Vice President

  • Colleen - Treasurer

  • Chris - Secretary

  • John - ABR Chair

  • All vote yes

  • Committees:

  • Liz will chair welcoming committee

  • Megan volunteers to help

  • Megan will chair activities committee

  • ABR:

  • John, Eric, Anh, Megan, Stacey

  • Will follow up with Stacey

  • Parks Committee - Bob will chair

  • Stacey Sherrille has a sign-up sheet

  • Code of Ethics - members to sign this and send it to Bob

  • Clarification on Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Someone motions

  • Another person seconds

  • Discussion

  • Vote

  • “POINT OF ORDER” means to switch back to on-topic discussion

  • Bob motions to approve first Wednesday of each month to be the day of week to meet

  • Unanimous vote

  • Bob motions to approve to move regular meetings to every other month, starting in July

  • Discussion - John and Chris want flexibility in case if urgent issues come up

  • Chris - we can conduct more business over email,

  • Chris seconds motion

  • Unanimously accepted

  • Motion rescinded because July isn’t great for some members

  • Bob motions to have next board meeting in August

  • Unanimously approved

  • Wednesday August 3rd at 6:30 PM

  • Discussion regarding next meeting agenda

  • Colleen suggests having to have at least two people propose items for agenda

  • Unanimously approved

  • Resident discussion, discussion on how to best contact Compass

  • Contract says to have one primary point of contact

  • Bob

  • Bob will be CC’ed between any other HOA member and Stacey so he’s in on the loop as the primary point of contact

  • Chris motions to approve of June monthly meeting minutes

  • Bob seconds

  • Unanimously approved (Megan didn’t vote)

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