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Annual Meeting - Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes May 9, 2024

Call Business Meeting To Order: 7:05 pm

Roll Call: Quorum Met

Board Members Present: Bob, Anh, John, Megan, Colleen, Chris

Compass Management Present: Stacey Sherrille & Mike Taig

Proof Of Notice Of Meeting: Members Raised Hands Noting Meeting Notice

Owners Present: 104 Members Present In Person, Proxy & Via Zoom

1. Secretary Report: Chis read the 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes, made motion to

approve; Bob seconded motion; All In Favor.

2. Pittsfield Township Representation Guest speakers were present; Ritchie

Coleman, Fire Chief & Assistant Fire Chief were present as well as Deputy Police

Chief. Discussion took place regarding crime trends and moving away from crime

mapping. Pittsfield Township will be joining ever-bridge which will replace Nixle. All

residents recommended to sign up for latest crime updates and Pittsfield Township

Notices. Currently there are forty-two uniformed officers in Pittsfield Township with

two additional officers being added to cover retirement of officers. There is

currently a traffic safety unit and Warner Creek will receive extra patrol due to the

many road closures and repairs slated this year. Discussion regarding road

closures on Platt Rd. and Michigan Ave. Reminders regarding fire prevention took

place. New arial equipment has been added to the fire fleet. Strong

encouragement for residents to contact 911 if they do not know how to handle fires

or need emergency assistance. Reminder to all residents to visit the Pittsfield

Township website and monthly bulletin for updates.

3. Presidents Report: Bob Stanfield thanked the community for coming together this

year and helping neighbors who’s homes were destroyed by a fire this year. Brief

discussion on how well the current board has worked together on updating and

creating policies that are for the good of the community. Bob thanked John Baublit

for his years of service to the Board of Directors on behalf of the community.

4. ABR Committee: Anh mentioned the new Fence Policy, Egress Window and

Generator Policy. New chair members for the ABR Committee were appointed this

year. Reminder that generators needs ABR approval due to 15ft clearance which is

needed for safety. Egress windows must be installed by licensed professional and

also will need approval from ABR. Fence policy has an extensive policy and

guidelines which were mailed to all members and posted on the website.

5. Activities: Megan Kloustin welcomed all new residents to the community. Thanked

all her fellow volunteers for helping with community events. Upcoming events are

listed on the website and portal. Events will be garage sale, food trucks will star the

23rd of May, first week there will be two trucks. Food trucks every other week after

that through the end of summer. This year there will be extended the hours for

food trucks from 5-8pm. Also working on summer party and fall festival and cookie

and coco party.

6. Washtenaw County Roads: Colleen O’Toole updated members on transportation

issues with Washtenaw County, Stacey to email report to all homeowners.

Notify-me will provide a status of closures which will change frequently so all

residents should sign up for regular updates. Notify-me app is essential to sign up

for up to date alerts.

7. Landscape / Low Hanging Branches: Chris McDonald asked residents to please

keep up on landscaping and trim branches.

8. Trash Container Policies: John Baublit discussed snow removal reminders. Also

reminded resident to park cars in driveway or garage so roads can be cleared

accordingly during winter months. Noted issues with sidewalks and stated residents

should not walk in streets but do so because many of the sidewalks are dangerous.

If sidewalk is a hazard, please have replacements or leveled. Reminder of policies

to conceal trash cans. The new policy and guidelines are compromises to outside

storage and a mod-request should be submitted for approval. John wants to

recognize colleagues on board and has mentioned that he enjoyed working with


9. Election: Candidates introduced themselves to the community. Inspectors of the

Election were appointed, election began. Individuals voted on the board for the

2024 Election were: Bob, Anh, Chris, Megan, Colleen, Sarah and Noel

10. Open Questions: Open questions and discussion took place regarding the

following; Community Policies, Sidewalk Repairs/Bulk Pricing, Park Updates,

Bridge Construction To Parks, Harassment Of Neighbors, Updates To Website and


11. Adjournment: Bob motioned to adjourn meeting at 8:57; All In Favor

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