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April Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes 4/6/2022:

  • In attendance:

    • Bob, John, Stacey (Compass), James, Eric, Liz, Chris

      • Greg joined as a guest

  • Prior meeting minutes approved

  • Colleen not present for treasurer update

  • Stacey: Dues mostly paid, 22 residents haven’t paid yet

    • Reserve account opened

  • No ABR updates

  • Welcome committee: Liz hasn’t received any notice regarding new owners or sales

    • Did receive a postcard from a realtor who sold a house in the neighborhood

    • Stacey from Compass will send an updated resident roster

  • Stacey Page not present for activities committee update

  • Prospective company for an Easter Egg hunt was discussed; board member would have to pay with PayPal and then have Compass reimburse from HOA funds

  • Parks:

    • Local inspection delayed due to weather

    • Bridge meeting proposed for Sunday 3/17; Bob will send out an email to residents about it

  • Bid to repair Platt Road entrance sign

    • Underground cable providing power to the lightbulb doesn’t have power

      • Cable repair costs $2,150

      • New light fixture would cost additional $175 if necessary

    • Solar light brought up as an alternative

      • Costs could be higher based on cost of battery maintenance and repair

    • Motion to approve repair costs if the company doesn’t believe that the solar light is sufficient

      • Stacey and the electrical company will review the solar option

      • Motion unanimously passes

  • DTE - tree letter

  • [screenshot of letter from DTE]

  • Discussion regarding late payment policy

  • Vote to approve Proposed policy passes

    • Vote to amend line 1 in the proposed policy to the fifteenth of every month passes

    • Vote to amend the notion to change delinquency from 60 days to 90 days passes

  • Discussion regarding late fees for trash cans that are left out

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