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August Meeting Minutes

8/3/2022 Meeting Minutes:

Call to order

Attendance: Chris, Liz, Bob, John, Megan, Colleen, Anh, Eric, Stacey S.

  • June 1st meeting minutes unanimously passes

  • Budgeting discussion - Stacey S. emailed out budgeting reports

  • Landscaping is going over budget

  • Residents who attended or proxied both the April and June meeting will receive $25 credit, Stacey has the list

  • Chris - meeting minutes were accidentally approved for June 1st twice

  • Chris motions to approve meeting minutes for June 22nd (first new board meeting)

  • Bob/Chris motion after discussion, minutes unanimously approved

  • John -

  • Requests Stacey to update the ABR access to reflect John, Eric, Anh, Megan, Stacey P.

  • John requests more discussion between ABR members on any given vote, so that ABR members know how other members view any given application

  • Welcome committee updates

  • Welcome Packets 2.0

  • Activities committee

  • Discussion regarding upcoming events, discussion about specific weekends being looked at for events

  • Megan is looking at doing a LOT of activities, budget needs to be increased from $2100 to $2500 (-Bob)

  • Eric seconds Bob’s motion to increase activities

  • 2022 Easter Egg hunt didn’t come out of this budget

  • $400 extra income from prior year dues were paid to Warner Creek

  • Colleen (Treasurer) has no issues with this

  • Vote to raise budget for activities committee to $2500/year unanimously approved

  • Parks

  • Bridge project on pause for now while evaluating general budgetary needs, community feedback

  • South park - weeds were treated

  • Contractors accidentally sprayed playground area despite request not to

  • We were not brought aware of this until it was already dry

New Business

  • Survey

  • Survey draft is finalized after hours of discussion

  • Survey will only be paper mail

  • Chris will take the lead on finalizing wording, instructions to residents, and logistics mailing it out

  • Next meeting proposed for September

  • Unanimous vote to adjourn the meeting

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