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February 2023 Meeting Minutes

Warner Creek Board Meeting

Feb, 2 2023


Call to order

Attendance: Chris, Bob, John, Megan, Colleen, Anh

Absent: Eric (meeting conflict)

Approval of previous meeting minutes

  • President

    • Discussion with legal date

    • Megan, Chris sent out survey results! Good work!

      • Survey feedback - was generally positive, one resident was concerned about data being shared with third party companies

        • All surveys were returned without any personally identifying information, so there wasn’t any mechanism by which data could have been leaked

  • Per the advice of Compass, John proposes changing the number of board positions to seven

    • Bob seconds

    • Approved unanimously

  • Chris/Megan need Compass to send notice when resident moves out and new resident moves back in, so email list can be updated

  • Discussion regarding end of Compass contract:

    • Need to research alternative platforms to act as a self-managed resident portal, to share the workload

    • Compass doesn’t build their own platform, contracts the same platforms we can use

    • Need to continue with Compass through annual meeting

      • May 3rd is 90 days

      • Annual meeting prepped in April

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

    • New Budget - Compass didn’t send requisite information

    • Colleen is having to contact Compass 4 or 5 times in a row to get a response

      • (We the board forgot to send Stacey the Zoom link for tonight’s meeting)

      • Flag at crosswalk is in disarray, needs to be taken care of

  • ABR – John

    • Would like to have trash container guidelines and pictures distributed to residents during next Compass email

      • We set a policy, we need to distribute this policy to provide guidance

      • Need a due date

    • Resident is requesting exception to trailer policy due to external parties requiring compliance

      • We don’t have an exception process in place

      • There is an explicit bylaw for trailers

  • Welcome -- Megan

    • New welcome committee met with Liz a few weeks ago, have started work on sending out welcome packages

    • Need more information from Compass for regular roster updates

  • Activities -- Megan

    • Many activities are planned! Committee met a few weeks ago

    • Easter Egg hunt, food trucks (7 scheduled), confirmation of garage sale weekend after Mother’s Day with other 2 subdivisions, Bear Claw Coffee Company will have a food truck for the garage sale!

  • Parks (Bob)

    • Handicap swing to be installed

  • Chris will take lead on getting annual meeting scheduled

  • Bob motions to end

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