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November 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Nov 2, 2022


Call to order

Attendance: Chris, Bob, John, Megan, Colleen, Anh

Missing: Eric

(Liz and Stacey resigned)

  • Bob motions to approve meeting minutes in September, John seconds

    • No discussion

    • Passes unanimously.

  • President

    • Discussion with legal RE: fences - Compass wants to meet with legal to discuss the legal limits, ramifications, process, etc, for updating bylaws surrounding fences

      • Nobody is opposed to this meeting

      • Bob will tentatively schedule for middle of December

    • Finalize sign policy via email

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

    • No significant updates

    • Future agenda item to address - $25 discount for annual meeting

      • As previously discussed, legal basis is that the rebate needs to go away

    • Compass is largest expenditure

  • ABR – John

    • No updates

  • Welcome -- Megan

    • No updates

  • Activities -- Megan

    • Fall festival went really well, food guesstimate was very accurate

    • Activities committee will look at the results of the survey to see where to spend efforts

  • Parks (Bob)

    • Resident asked for swing for disabled kids - Bob is working with Compass on this

New Business

Review of compass management’s performance.

  • Bob: This isn’t an immediate vote to end our relationship with Compass, but is the initial discussion. If we find we don’t want to go in this direction, we would have to develop a plan to pull out of this agreement.

  • Anh:

    • Positives:

      • ABR process is much easier than before.

    • Negatives:

      • Compass isn’t very responsive

      • Status letter debacle (Compass overcharging for status letter)

  • Chris:

    • Hasn’t been on board without Compass, so looking at this through limited lens

    • Positives:

      • From resident survey, supermajority of residents who interact with Compass had their issues resolved

    • Negatives:

      • The cost analysis of Compass isn’t accurate to Chris

        • For example, not having to pay legal fees was previously cited as a reason to go with Compass, but if we were in legal trouble, we’d still have to pay legal fees

      • Bottom line: from surveys, far fewer residents voiced support for Compass than against Compass.

        • We’re going against the will of Warner Creek

  • Colleen:

    • Cost of Compass is questionable, but a management company is still a benefit moving forward.

    • Compass takes their time getting reimbursements out

  • John:

    • Positives:

      • Financial reporting

      • ABR approval process, record keeping

      • Collected delinquent dues

      • We receive good advice

      • Compass was recommended by Warner Creek’s own attorney

    • Areas that need to be improved:

      • Site visits need to be reported to Warner Creek Board

        • Need to know what bylaws are being violated

      • Return phone calls and emails

      • Need to know what residents are being fined

    • What board needs to do:

      • Give list of things to Compass to improve

      • Devote more time to bridge the gap between self management and third party management

      • Give Compass one more year with list of things to improve on

  • Megan:

    • Negatives:

      • The fact that most people didn’t interact with Compass means we don’t necessarily need them in the first place

      • Megan things that 32% of residents not feeling their issue was resolved is a negative

      • Reimbursements do take forever, problematic for Board members who have to front the cost of events/etc with their own finances

      • Leans towards no

  • Bob:

    • Positive:

      • Compass is effective at mailing out communication

      • Assists in evenly enforcing bylaws

      • Reduced delinquencies to zero dollars

      • Calling contractors is a huge time investment, Compass doing this reduces a lot of work for the board

        • Bob tried to get the playground fixed for years, Compass finally helped get it done

      • Ensured we’re following a legally sound process for voting at annual meetings

    • Negative:

      • Reimbursement timing is unacceptable

      • Neighbors not hearing from Compass is unacceptable

      • Stacey Sherille is the only person we talk to - if she’s out, we have no point of contact

    • Summarizes everyone’s thoughts, proposes that we proceed for another year

      • During this year, we evaluate Compass quarterly

      • 9 months from now, we definitively decide on a plan moving forward

  • The contract isn’t a yearly contract, the only requirement is a 3 month notice

    • Colleen: Willing to continue, if we evaluate after Q1 2023, and not 9 months from now

      • Chris agrees

    • Megan volunteers to take on the work of researching management company alternatives

  • Next Annual meeting is going to be in April

    • We’ll have a go vs. no go prior to April

  • Need to draft a list of deficiencies to send to Compass, send to Compass, then evaluate in February

    • Bob asks each board member to write to him several areas where Compass falls short, so we can send to Compass

    • Colleen, John and Bob will have meeting with Stacey with expectations

  • December board meeting will still happen, will evaluate survey results

  • John wants to send out guidelines on construction for trash concealment

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