I am sure you noticed the work going on in our cul-de-sacs this week. Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) is replacing all the pavement in our cul-de-sacs only. One of our board members spoke with the project manager, and he stated work in Warner Creek began yesterday when our contractor removed the existing asphalt on the 9 cul-de-sacs as well as the connector leg of Hatfield Dr to Harwood Subdivision. The schedule for the placement of the new asphalt has been moved to later this week due to weather delays impacting contractor scheduling. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to their mainline (734) 761-1500

Since the roads in Warner Creek Subdivision are local roads, WCRC does not have project pages for the work being done. Their contractor passes out flyers to all impacted homes ahead of the work being done to let them know they will be in the area resurfacing.

For larger projects, there is a schedule, which can be reached via these links.

Weekly Road Schedule:

Project Map:

Hope this helps!

Warner Creek Board

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Attendance: Chris, Bob, Megan, Anh, Colleen, Liz, John, Eric

  • Introductions

  • Bob moves to accept current board positions as they were elected in September

  • Bob - President

  • Anh - Vice President

  • Colleen - Treasurer

  • Chris - Secretary

  • John - ABR Chair

  • All vote yes

  • Committees:

  • Liz will chair welcoming committee

  • Megan volunteers to help

  • Megan will chair activities committee

  • ABR:

  • John, Eric, Anh, Megan, Stacey

  • Will follow up with Stacey

  • Parks Committee - Bob will chair

  • Stacey Sherrille has a sign-up sheet

  • Code of Ethics - members to sign this and send it to Bob

  • Clarification on Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Someone motions

  • Another person seconds

  • Discussion

  • Vote

  • “POINT OF ORDER” means to switch back to on-topic discussion

  • Bob motions to approve first Wednesday of each month to be the day of week to meet

  • Unanimous vote

  • Bob motions to approve to move regular meetings to every other month, starting in July

  • Discussion - John and Chris want flexibility in case if urgent issues come up

  • Chris - we can conduct more business over email,

  • Chris seconds motion

  • Unanimously accepted

  • Motion rescinded because July isn’t great for some members

  • Bob motions to have next board meeting in August

  • Unanimously approved

  • Wednesday August 3rd at 6:30 PM

  • Discussion regarding next meeting agenda

  • Colleen suggests having to have at least two people propose items for agenda

  • Unanimously approved

  • Resident discussion, discussion on how to best contact Compass

  • Contract says to have one primary point of contact

  • Bob

  • Bob will be CC’ed between any other HOA member and Stacey so he’s in on the loop as the primary point of contact

  • Chris motions to approve of June monthly meeting minutes

  • Bob seconds

  • Unanimously approved (Megan didn’t vote)

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"Meet and Eat" Food Truck Events:

Pita Delite - Thursday 8/4, 5-7

Briskets & Biscuits - Tuesday 8/16, 5-7pm

Food Truck Finale for 2022: Little Caesars & Kona Ice (with a bounce house for all ages) - Wednesday 9/7, 4:30 - 8pm

Brought to you by our activities committee

WCHA Policy -- Last week, the board passed a policy for taking action on bylaw violations. Our new policy will give you and the board more options for responding to an alleged violation, including a full appeal process. You will all receive a copy of the new policy mid August.

Park Maintenance -- We have approved a contract to fix up the playground/local park. This includes replacing all the mulch under the bigger set to fix the thistle problems. Contractors will also be digging under the toddler swings to add mulch/stone. They will also sand and stain the yellow play structure . All of the wood borders around all the playground equipment will be replaced. The baseball backstop will be fixed. This will be happening the week of August 8th, and may involve temporary closure of the play structures.

Trash pickup-- If you have trash that will not fit in the container provided, you must call Republic Waste services prior to putting it on the curb. Their number is 800-878-4626. Do not leave trash in your driveway or on the curb after trash day.

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