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Hello everyone!

Please see this PDF for information on a construction project that is happening outside of our neighborhood!

Project Update_ Platt Rd Greenway II Pathway Project
Download PDF • 345KB

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Warner Creek Board Meeting

Feb, 2 2023


Call to order

Attendance: Chris, Bob, John, Megan, Colleen, Anh

Absent: Eric (meeting conflict)

Approval of previous meeting minutes

  • President

  • Discussion with legal date

  • Megan, Chris sent out survey results! Good work!

  • Survey feedback - was generally positive, one resident was concerned about data being shared with third party companies

  • All surveys were returned without any personally identifying information, so there wasn’t any mechanism by which data could have been leaked

  • Per the advice of Compass, John proposes changing the number of board positions to seven

  • Bob seconds

  • Approved unanimously

  • Chris/Megan need Compass to send notice when resident moves out and new resident moves back in, so email list can be updated

  • Discussion regarding end of Compass contract:

  • Need to research alternative platforms to act as a self-managed resident portal, to share the workload

  • Compass doesn’t build their own platform, contracts the same platforms we can use

  • Need to continue with Compass through annual meeting

  • May 3rd is 90 days

  • Annual meeting prepped in April

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

  • New Budget - Compass didn’t send requisite information

  • Colleen is having to contact Compass 4 or 5 times in a row to get a response

  • (We the board forgot to send Stacey the Zoom link for tonight’s meeting)

  • Flag at crosswalk is in disarray, needs to be taken care of

  • ABR – John

  • Would like to have trash container guidelines and pictures distributed to residents during next Compass email

  • We set a policy, we need to distribute this policy to provide guidance

  • Need a due date

  • Resident is requesting exception to trailer policy due to external parties requiring compliance

  • We don’t have an exception process in place

  • There is an explicit bylaw for trailers

  • Welcome -- Megan

  • New welcome committee met with Liz a few weeks ago, have started work on sending out welcome packages

  • Need more information from Compass for regular roster updates

  • Activities -- Megan

  • Many activities are planned! Committee met a few weeks ago

  • Easter Egg hunt, food trucks (7 scheduled), confirmation of garage sale weekend after Mother’s Day with other 2 subdivisions, Bear Claw Coffee Company will have a food truck for the garage sale!

  • Parks (Bob)

  • Handicap swing to be installed

  • Chris will take lead on getting annual meeting scheduled

  • Bob motions to end

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Warner Creek Board Meeting Minutes

Dec. 7, 2022

Call to order

Attendance: Chris, Eric, Bob, John, Megan, Stacey S. (Compass), Anh

Approval of previous meeting minutes

  • President

  • Discussion with legal

  • Sending out sign policy

  • Vote to revoke 72 hour limit on specific signs is approved

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

  • Discussion of account balances with specific residents

  • ABR – John

  • No updates

  • Welcome -- Megan

  • Waiting on information from Liz

  • Activities -- Megan

  • Activities have been successful

  • Parks (Bob)

New Business

  • Survey results (discussion was very quick and notes were hard to take)

  • Megan: People want friendly neighborhood

  • Anh: Agreed with Megan on friendliness

  • John: Question 1 vast majority 10+ years, could have added additional useful options. Question 3 - no consensus, so status quo should remain.

  • Chris: No need to email out individual results, or questions about demographics. Compass questions won’t be useful to subdivision either. We should focus on conveying responses regarding capital improvements, activities, fence question, sidewalk enforcement (or lack thereof beyond Pittsfield)

  • Eric: Many households without kids is surprising.

  • Bob: People tend to want to be left alone, with less enforcement. Need for a management company needs to be communicated better. Wants to send out results as transparently as possible.

  • Bob: Motions to summarize survey, and send full results to subdivision, including full responses.

  • Discussion phase: John and Chris want to redact comments as the comments could reveal personal information

  • Chris prefers to misalign free form comments so that they’re more anonymous, and was under the impression that they would be anonymous

  • Megan wanted to send out comments as well, as openly as possible

  • Bob: New motion to send out summary only, and the free form comments will be summarized in an easy to read format

  • Next steps: Stacey will send Chris the updated email list, Chris will draft a response with Megan’s analysis (to be finalized by Megan), Chris will send draft to board, then send the survey out to updated Google Group for entire subdivision

  • Concealment of trash cans – John

  • New images to discuss, showing pervasive non-compliance

  • Discussion on whether to send policy reminders to all residents, or specific residents who are violating the previously approved policy.

  • Motion to amend trash policy (Less stringent time requirements)

  • Motion approved

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