Hello all,

I hope you're doing well and enjoying the summer weather! Just a few updates for this month for Warner Creek:

Our new board met and voted on the following board positions:

Bob - President Anh - Vice President Colleen - Treasurer Chris - Secretary John - ABR Chair Committees:

Liz - Chair of welcome committee

Bob - Chair of parks committee

Megan - Chair of activities committee

If you'd like to volunteer for a committee, for now you can send me an email at We're looking into website improvements so that we can have a more seamless sign-up process, but for now you can email me. Food trucks are back - thanks Megan for the work on this! You can also visit to see more info.

Work has also started on a community survey - if you have any ideas or feedback regarding what to include on a survey, please send me an email! As this is a survey designed to help guide the board in the direction the community wants to go in, feedback on the survey itself would be much appreciated.

Regarding the frequency of emails - the plan is to only send out emails for major updates. For more minor updates, such as monthly meeting minutes or committee updates, will be the place to look. Individual board members may also use other platforms such as Facebook to communicate unofficially. For official communication, the Compass portal, the website, email, and physical mail may all be utilized.



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6/1/2022 Meeting Minutes:

Attendance: Chris, Bob, Anh, Colleen, John, Eric

Committees Updates

  • Treasurer -- Colleen

  • Colleen may be absent at the annual meeting

  • Anh volunteers to give the report if Colleen isn’t present

  • ABR – John

  • ABR has been approving applications

  • Due to how the application process is managed by Compass, not all members of the ABR are able to cast a vote on any individual application

  • John requested Compass to set up the application to give a 72 hour grace period so that all ABR members can vote and comment.

  • Welcome -- Liz (not present, no discussion)

  • Activities -- Liz (not present, no discussion)

  • Parks (Bob)

  • Local Park - Inspection complete. Schedule for adding mulch?

  • Bridge committee– Reschedule June 12th 3pm

  • Entrance sign fixed (I also fixed day/night sensor)

  • South Park weed treatments scheduled

  • Website update – Chris

  • Took ownership of blog section, posting monthly updates, meeting minutes

Old Business

  • Annual meeting June 13th

  • Who is running for the board?

  • Zoom will be run by Chris

  • Due to red COVID level (per CDC), we may not be allowed to do the meeting at the Pittsfield Town Hall

  • Backup plan is to do the park

  • Follow up – property that has heavily overgrown and unkempt foliage

  • Bob reached out and the homeowner removed weeds by the sidewalk. Yard is still overgrown - Bob will reach back out.

  • Code of Ethics 2.0

  • Anyone want to draft a new one?

  • John volunteers, Colleen does as well

  • (Colleen wrote the initial one)

  • Discussion of policy vs. ethics

  • Ethics - behavior

  • Policy - actions

New Business

  • Meeting frequency – propose every other month after Annual meeting

  • May have new board members

  • Meet in person at least twice a year

  • Unanimously passes

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Hello everyone,

Below is the Zoom link for the first meeting conducted by the newly elected board: Note that there is a waiting room (for security purposes, so we don't get Zoom-bombed), so please send me a heads-up email if you plan to join, at

Thanks everyone!